Natural cosmetics are especially valued today. It was proven that ingredients from natural oils and raw materials better interact with our skin pores, thus having a stronger and healthier effect than synthetic cosmetics.

Maya handmade cosmetics are 100% natural, organic products made using certified raw materials (essential oils, basal oils, hydrolates, and active substances), with great benefits for the face and body. All products are handmade, crafted traditionally and in small doses, ensuring they are always fresh.

Price list

Anti-age treatment + RF 70'
(lifting effect, rejuvenation, firming)
500 kn
Anti-age treatment + skin spatula 60'
(rejuvenation, firming, cleansing)
400 kn
RF 30'
(make up removal, RF 25' and anti-age cream)
200 kn
Leg waxing60/120 kn
Bikini waxing40/60/80 kn
Arm waxing60 kn
Chest/back waxing100 kn
Underarm waxing50 kn
Upper lip waxing40 kn
Eyebrow shaping40/50 kn