Visiting a sauna regularly has a great effect on our health. Saunas have always been a form of healing. Going to a sauna reduces stress, helps us relax, enjoy ourselves, and has positive effects on the body and spirit.

Dry sauna (Finnish sauna / bio sauna) has benefits for the mind and body, it facilitates sweating and stimulates the skin to release harmful substances from the organism. It has a calming effect on people who are under stress daily, and it balances our hormones. It helps soothe pain and muscle tension, strengthens our immune system, improves blood flow and skin appearance.

The Turkish or steam sauna is the oldest form of cleansing the body. The main characteristic of a Turkish sauna is the temperature, set at under 50°C, with 100% humidity. It helps improve blood flow, the limbic system and enhances muscle relaxation. It releases toxins from the body through sweat, helps detox the organism, and removes dead skin cells and impurities. It makes your skin elastic and soft, strengthens the immune system, enables lung hydration, and breaks cellulite.

Price list

Wellness 60' (Finish sauna, steam room, fruits and tea)15 €
Wellness 90' (Finish sauna, steam room, fruits and tea)20 €
Wellness 120' (Finish sauna, steam room, fruits and tea)25 €
Private wellness 60' (Finish sauna, steam room, fruits and tea, max. 4 persons)60 €
Wellness party 120' (Finish sauna, steam room, fruits and tea, max. 4 persons sparkling wine and snacks)120 €
Slippers2 €
Bathrobe deposit2 €